Policies of Sew In Style 

1. Classes fill on first come first served basis. We are not able to reserve or hold a spot for you in class until payment has been received.

2. Kids signing up for a Sewing Session are required to take an 'Intro To Sewing' first .

3. For your safety and mine, Sewing Sleep-over classes are not open to the general public.

4. Sewing Sleep-overs are a privilege and because of that, the child must have taken a) a sewing session,
b) a summer camp or c) a parks and rec class

5. Also for your child's safety and mine, if a student become unruly or starts rough-housing, that student will be taken off the sewing machines and away from the sewing area, if necessary

6. Kids who attend the 4 week Sewing Sessions may have one make-up class per session for excused absences only. Classes must be made up within 4 weeks of the missed day and must be arranged in advance.

7. Students who are in class are expected to work hard to complete the project assignments, and are expected to keep disruptions to a minimum.

8. In general, refunds are not given. Payment may be applied to another class if student is unable to participate. The new class must be within 3 months of the first class.

9. Tuition is due a week prior to the first week of each class.

10. Students are required to purchase their own fabric and notions or sewing kit.

11. The Project Runway classes for kids are open to students who have taken classes at Sew In Style in the past AND have the sewing teacher's recommendation.

12. SNOW DAYS - If the weather prevents us from having class, I will call you. Please do not assume that because the Beavercreek Schools are closed, so is Sew In Style. Very often, the roads are not safe for driving in the morning, but by 3 or 4pm they are fine for sewing class!


comment form                                                 


1. How can we make sewing class more fun and enjoyable?

2. What other sewing techniques would you like to learn?____________________Quilting?_______Hand Sewing?________
Clothing Construction?______

3. What other projects would you be interested in working on?

4. Do you feel you master a level before you are moved to the next one?

5. How do you think we can make Sew In Style better for you?

6. Do you tell your friends about Sew In Style?


1. Are you happy with the projects your child has completed?

2. What other projects would you like to see your child work on?

3. Are class times convenient for you?

4. Are prices satisfactory with what they are learning and creating?

5. Do you tell other parents about Sew In Style?

6. Do you feel your child is enjoying the sewing classes?

7. Please tell me how I can make Sew In Style better.


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment! Your thoughts and ideas are very important to me!